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challenge, build, disrupt

We get involved in an early stage in products and companies we believe in, as hands-on co-founders. We work together with the entrepreneurs to solve common startup challenges.
We are not a VC. We are not an incubator or accelerator. We are a startup studio where we invest our own capital in startups and use our experience and network to grow them into successful companies. We measure our success in growing revenues in the companies and in how fun we have together.

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Creative driven builders

Djäkne is the place to meet up and work. A place for creative and driven builders. We provide good Wi-Fi and power outlets by your table. The house is filled with startups and we welcome you to join our community of builders.
If you need a more dedicated seat with access to meeting rooms, locker, postbox, kitchen, great coffee and more, please talk to the baristas in the coffee bar and they will help you.

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Djäkne Kaffebar

The best coffee in Malmö? At the heart of the Djäkne buildings we run an open coffee bar with skilled baristas and high quality coffee. As an extra twist, we change the beans every week acting as a search engine to the best coffee roasters in the region.
Besides our passion for great tasting coffee, we only use beans that have been produced and managed properly. We believe great coffee leads to higher efficiency and creativity and Djäkne Kaffebar plays an essential part in our Startup Studio

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We are always looking for great future colleagues and projects. Come by for a coffee.
Djäknegatan 9
21135 Malmö

Gamla Brogatan 11
111 20 Stockholm

Djäkne Startup Studio
Box 5173
20071 Malmö

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